Developing Endurance Sport Performance Series NSCA

Developing Endurance
出版社: Human Kinetics Publishers (2012年3月1日)
作者: Ben Reuter
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语种: 英语
ISBN: 0736083278
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The US National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is the world's leading organization in the field of sport conditioning. Drawing on the resources and expertise of the most eminent professionals, the NSCA is the world's trusted source of knowledge and training guidelines for coaches and athletes. Ben Reuter, PhD, CSCS*D, ATC, is an associate professor in the department of exercise science and sport studies at California University of Pennsylvania and is is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.


Chapter 1 Physiology of Endurance Sport Training; Chapter 3 Endurance Training Principles and Considerations; Chapter 5 Aerobic Endurance Development; Chapter 8 Running; Chapter 9 Cycling; Chapter 10 Swimming; Chapter 11 Triathlon.



This title helps athletes achieve their goals. Runners, cyclists, swimmers, rowers, triathletes and ultra distance athletes must sustain their performance to a high level in order to succeed. "Developing Endurance" shows how to achieve optimal stamina to race your best through science-based aerobic, anaerobic and resistance training. Written by 11 top experts from the US National Strength and Conditioning Association, the leading sport conditioning organization in the world, this guide provides both the background information and the exercises, drills, workouts, and programmes for ultimate results. Athletes and coaches will appreciate the assessment tools, analyses and instructions which enable them to define specific needs and establish effective training goals. It is part of the "Sport Performance Series".