Scott Ludwig_Darksider跑步俱乐部创始人_跑量超13万英里超级马拉松选手、跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

Scott Ludwig_Darksider跑步俱乐部创始人_跑量超13万英里超级马拉松选手、跑步作家


Scott Ludwig 简介:

Scott has run every single day since November 20, 1978 and he currently has the 35th longest streak in the U.S. He has run 200 marathons, over 800 races, and accumulated over 130,000 miles in his lifetime.
He began running ultra-marathons early in his running career, his first belong a 50-miler in 1982. In time he would run ultras ranging from 31 miles to 135 miles. In 2002, Scott ran 129 miles in the U.S. National 24-Hour Championships and won the masters national championship. In 1992 he ran 280 miles in six days, from the west side to the east side of the state of Georgia, to raise money for charity.

Sam Murphy_女性跑步书籍畅销书作家_Runner's World专栏作者-跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

Sam Murphy_女性跑步书籍畅销书作家_Runner's World专栏作者-跑步作家-人物百科

Sam Murphy is a freelance journalist and personal training consultant. She has written for The Sunday Times, Independent, Evening Standard and the Guardian, among others. She also writes a regular fitness column and is the author of Run for Life (Kyle Cathie). She is an avid runner and practices yoga, strength training and surfs regularly.

Timothy Noakes_Lore of Running作者 - 跑步教练、跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

Timothy Noakes_Lore of Running作者 - 跑步教练、跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

Known throughout the academic community for the high-caliber nature of his scientific insights and work, Dr. Timothy Noakes is Discovery Health professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He is also director of the Medical Research Council/University of Cape Town Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Newlands. Noakes was awarded a doctorate in science (DSc) in 2002, the highest degree awarded by the University of Cape Town. Publishing the first scientific article on exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) is considered among his greatest achievements.

Marla Runyan_1992年巴塞罗那残疾人奥运会5枚金牌得主 - 美国田径运动员-人物百科-跑步百科

Marla Runyan_1992年巴塞罗那残疾人奥运会5枚金牌得主 - 美国田径运动员

Date of Birth: Saturday, 04 January 1969 | Born in:  / Nationality: United States of America 

Meet the extraordinary athlete and runner Marla Runyan. Diagnosed blind after contracting Stargardt's Disease. Winner of 5 Gold medals in the 1992 Barcelona Para Olympics’. The first disabled woman to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. In 2002 Marla held three US 1500m running titles and was No1 in the US for the 5000m and marathon. Author of "No Finish Line: My Life as I See It" and ambassador for the Perkins School for the Blind.
"We all have disabilities whether it’s a physical disability or not.” Marla Runyan

Danny Dreyer_丹尼 德雷尔 - Chi Running 跑步姿势训练法发明者-跑步教练-人物百科-跑步百科

Danny Dreyer_丹尼 德雷尔 - Chi Running 跑步姿势训练法发明者-跑步教练-人物百科


Matt Fitzgerald_运动营养学专家_Runner's World书籍作者-跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

 Matt Fitzgerald_运动营养学专家_Runner's World书籍作者-跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

His first job at a fastfood restaurant, what!
What got him hooked on running
His amazing dad. Author, Navy Seal, and more.
How a famous Ethiopian marathoner inspired him
The importance of leading by example
Dr Suess’s influence on his life and career
His 2009 Boston Marathon experience, story of failure/adversity
How de developed a passion for testing his limits
Why aerobic development is important, specifically
How he finds a theme song for every event
He teaches us how to visualize better




孙基祯_손 기정_Sohn Kee-Chung_Kitei Son_Son Gi-Jeong_亚洲第1位奥运会马拉松冠军_12年马拉松世界记录保持者_奥运会马拉松跑进230第1人-人物百科-跑步百科 精选

中文名: 孙基祯
本名(韩国):손 기정(对应英译名:Sohn Kee-chung)
代表日本参加奥运会时运动员名称:Kitei Son
罗马字母名字:Son Gi-jeong
国籍: 韩国
出生地: 朝鲜新义州
主要成就: 1935年11月3日创立马拉松世界记录2小时26分42秒(保持了十二年);1936年德国柏林夏季奥运会(男子)马拉松项目金牌得主,成绩为2小时29分19秒,是奥运会马拉松历史上第一位跑进2小时30分的人,是亚洲第一个奥运会马拉松冠军。1982年,国际田协向12位仍然在世的田坛名将授予特别奖章的获奖人之一。同时是马拉松世界记录保持者、奥运会马拉松冠军的教练。1988年在韩国举办的第24届奥运会,担任最后一棒火炬手。


身高:166 cm
体重:57 kg