101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners_Jason Karp_2010

101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners
by Jason Karp (Author)

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Coaches Choice (July 6, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1606791168
ISBN-13: 978-1606791165

关于Jason Karp的简介见:

Jason Karp_Run Fit创始人 - 运动生理学家、跑步作家-人物百科-跑步百科

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101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners_Jason Karp_2010

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101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners 简介:

101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners provides sound training advice for runners of all levels. Divided into two parts; Part 1 presents 30 training concepts to help guide the cross country runner and coach. These concepts lay the groundwork for the 71 workouts included in Part 2, which include variations and coaching points where appropriate. In this book, Dr. Karp has done a fantastic job of connecting the research with the practical application for cross country runners, explaining the basics of the science of distance running in a language that everyone can understand.

About the Author
Jason Karp, Ph.D. is owner of a coaching, personal training, and consulting company, offering science-based coaching to runners of all levels, fitness training to the public, and consulting to coaches and runners. He is a frequent presenter at national fitness, coaching, and academic conferences. He has taught USA Track & Field s highest level coaching certification and was an instructor at the USATF/U.S. Olympic Committee s Emerging Elite Coaching Camp at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. He is also the founder and host of the VO2max Distance Running Clinic for runners, coaches, and fitness professionals; the San Diego Personal Training Summit for personal trainers; and Running Clinics & Workouts in the ParkTM, a series of running clinics and workouts for runners of all abilities. He is a prolific writer, with over 100 articles published in numerous international coaching, running, and fitness trade and consumer magazines, including Track Coach, Techniques for Track & Field and Cross Country, New Studies in Athletics, Running Times, Runner s World, Trail Runner, Marathon & Beyond, IDEA Fitness Journal, Shape, Oxygen, SELF, Ultra-Fit, and Maximum Fitness, among others. He is also author of How to Survive Your PhD. (Sourcebooks, 2009)

101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners 读者评论:

This book includes 30 concepts that runners should follow to optimize their training and 71 workouts that are very detailed in their design. Dr. Karp has gone out of his way to provide a physiological rationale and example paces for every one of the running workouts and includes coaching points to highlight important things you need to know about how to do each workout. The book is also very creative in its use of workout games and tactics for runners who compete on teams. The book has definitely helped me become a better runner!


In my opinion, this is the most comprehensive book I have ever read in regards to the training and workouts needed to establish in your training to be the best you can be in the sport. This book is especially well written for runners of all levels. Again the training concepts and workout were clear and easy to incorporate into your program. If you wish to step up your game, buy this book!!


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