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Running for Beginners简介:

As one of the cheapest and easiest way to get fit, there's no mystery around why you want to take up running. However, it can be hard to keep up, and you want to make sure you're doing it safely to achieve the best results. With this book, we teach you all the basics and give you the vital advice you need to make sure you're getting the most out of your new healthy hobby.

Running for Beginners目录:

Getting started
- What to know before you strap on those trainers

Health & fitness
- Running is a great activity to maintain a good health and weight - here are the essential tips to become a healthy runner

- You might have a specific goal in mind, like a 5k or even a marathon, and we'll help you achieve it with our training plans

- Want to put your running to the test? Learn how to prepare for your first race

Also inside...

Getting started
- Top 20 tips for new runners
- Essential kit
- Walk/run technique
- Warming up and cooling down
- Stay safe on the road
- Beginner's advice for nutrition and hydration
- Fit running into your life
- Common running injuries
- Running communities

Health & fitness
- The benefits of running
- Are you fit to run
- Prevent injuries
- Importance of carbs
- Nutrition for runners
- Sports nutrition
- Beat the bulge
- Surfaces
- Running for women
- Running for men

- Types of training
- Perfect running forms
- Indoors vs outdoors
- Other exercises to complement running
- Interval training
- Post-injury running
- Overtraining and the risks
- How to properly recover after a run

- Racing for beginners
- Follow a training plan
- The next phase of racing
- Going the distance
- Can I run a marathon?
- Preparing for OCR
- Staying motivated
- Get ready for your very first race
- Being prepared
- Pace your race
- Running for charity
- Different race types

Essential gear
- Running gadgets
- Smart watches and fitness bands
- Running apps
- Get the right trainers
- Men's trainers
- Women's trainers
- Tops
- Bottoms
- Jackets
- Accessories
- GPS watches
- Where to buy


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