Walking for Fun and Fitness (Cengage Learning Activity) 4th Edition_Jerald D. Hawkins:Sandra M. Hawkins_2011

Walking for Fun and Fitness (Cengage Learning Activity) 4th Edition
by Jerald D. Hawkins (Author), Sandra M. Hawkins (Author)

Series: Cengage Learning Activity
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Brooks Cole; 4 edition (January 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0495558567
ISBN-13: 978-0495558569

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Walking for Fun and Fitness (Cengage Learning Activity) 4th Edition_Jerald D. Hawkins:Sandra M. Hawkins_2011.pdf

《Walking for Fun and Fitness》书籍简介:

Cengage Learning Activity Series Get the most out of your favorite physical activities. From aerobics and yoga--to bowling, tennis, weight training, and more--the Wadsworth Physical Education Activities Series goes beyond the basics, showing you how to improve, excel, and get more enjoyment from your activities, whatever your skill level and background may be. WALKING FOR FUN AND FITNESS, 4th Edition, is designed for college and University programs, health promotion programs, health/fitness clubs or anyone who wants to start an effective walking program. The text is divided into three parts: Part One is an introduction to walking that discusses the why's of walking; Part Two, Fun and Fitness Through Walking, discusses exercise principles and technique; and Part Three, Maximizing Your Walking Program, covers injury prevention, nutrition and weight management. Armed with the knowledge of this book, you will learn effective motivation techniques to get started (and keep going!), and discover that walking can be fun and lead to greater fitness.

《Walking for Fun and Fitness》书籍目录:

Preface iv
PART ONE Introduction to Walking
1 Introduction 1
2 Walking: Nature’s Most Perfect Exercise 9
3 Why Walking? 13
PART TWO Fun and Fitness Through Walking
4 Exercise Principles and Fitness Walking 21
5 Proper Walking Technique 29
6 Preparing to Walk 37
7 Making the “Do It!” Principle Work for You 49
8 Prevention and Care of Injuries 63
PART THREE Maximizing Your Walking Program
9 Nutrition 71
10 Weight Management 85
Appendices: Worksheets 99
A—Calculating Target Heart Rate Range 101
B—Personal Walking Accountability Plan 103
C—Estimating Your Daily Energy Expenditure 105
D—Walking Logs 107
Index 119

《Walking for Fun and Fitness》评价:

PART I: INTRODUCTION TO WALKING. 1. Introduction. 2. Walking: Nature's Most Perfect Exercise. 3. Why Walking? PART II: FUN AND FITNESS THROUGH WALKING. 4. Exercise Principles and Fitness Walking. 5. Proper Walking Technique. 6. Preparing to Walk. 7. Making the "Do It!" Principle Work for You. 8. Prevention and Care of Injuries. PART III: MAXIMIZING YOUR WALKING PROGRAM. 9. Nutrition. 10. Weight Management. Appendix Worksheets. Index.
About the Author
Jerald D. Hawkins earned his Ed.D. from the University of Georgia. He is a professor emeritus of physical education and exercise studies at Lander University. Recipient of the 1990 South Carolina Association for Health, Physical, Education, Recreation, and Dance College/University Physical Educator of the Year Award, the 1998 Lander University Distinguished Professor award, the 1999 South Carolina Governor's Professor of the Year award, and the 2005 SCAHPERD Scholar award, he is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Hawkins is a sought-after speaker and consultant and the author of numerous professional articles, book chapters, and other books.

Sandra M. Hawkins received her M.A.T. from Winthrop University. She retired from Lander University where she served as Coordinator of Field Placement for the College of Education and is a former elementary and university physical educator and fitness instructor. She served as the first president of the South Carolina Association for Physical Education and Sport and, in 1993, was recognized with that organization's Elementary Physical Educator of the Year Award. She is the author of several articles on fitness walking and creative activities for children. Together, they provide wellness consultation services, speaking, writing, and conducting workshops on a variety of topics including fitness walking, nutrition, stress management, playground supervision and safety, and legal issues in physical education, exercise, and sport.

《Walking for Fun and Fitness》读者评价:

Awesome book. Has logs in the back. Really helps you understand walking is for fitness as well. Good Read and Lots to Learn.

Average for a fitness walking book. Not very interesting but good book. I used it for a walking class and it was good for it.



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